Équiterre launches a CHALLENGE to Quebec businesses!

Équiterre launches a CHALLENGE to Quebec businesses!

This year, Équiterre decided to launch a CHALLENGE to Quebec businesses as part of the Changing the World race.

Do you work for a company or a lighted organization that is not afraid to take CHALLENGES? Do you have in your community runners and walkers who share your environmental values ??(a green committee, a group of sportsmen, outdoor lovers, ecologists at their leisure)? So invite them to form a team: a great opportunity to meet with colleagues and participate in a sporty and friendly team building activity!

In addition to supporting Équiterre in its many actions for the environment, you will participate in the only 100% eco-responsible race!

There are different ways to participate as an organization:

1- The easy way
You just have to put a team together!

Cost of registration per person: $ 50
Fundraising goal: $ 0

Give yourself a unifying team name, train together at lunch time and share your successes! Run in the colors of your organization!

2- Take the challenge!
Set up a team and set yourself an objective to raise funds for Équiterre's cause
(* visibility offered to the company that raises a minimum of $ 2,000)

Cost of registration per person: $ 50

Fundraising goal: $ 500 per participant (suggestion *)

* A goal quite achievable. This is the average amount of donations collected by our participants in previous years with a minimum of effort (less than one hour of work, often a single email to your entire network is enough to achieve this goal!). This is a turnkey project, our race team will guide you step by step and write for you a model letter.

3- Bring your organization into the race!
Raise a team, raise $ 500 individually for the cause and ask your employer to match your donations!
(* visibility offered to the company)

Cost of registration per person: $ 50

Fundraising goal: based on the number of team members (suggestion of $ 500 per participant)

Matched donation from your employer: your total fundraising up to $ 2,000

A great way for your employer to encourage his employees to get involved in the community and get involved with the environment! For companies and organizations that will generously commit to matching the donations raised by their employees (a minimum value of $ 2,000 to access the benefits offered), Équiterre offers you an interesting visibility to allow you to shine throughout the year. event.

Do you work for an organization or are you familiar with a large or small company that could take the CHALLENGE to the companies of The Change the World Race? Share them the invitation!

Want to know more about the kit and the benefits offered to the company that is taking the CHALLENGE?

To register for the challenge or for more information, contact Lyne Royer: lroyer@equiterre.org, 514 522-2000 extension 293!