La course Changer le monde - La course Changer le monde

Welcome to the registration page for 
La course Changer le monde 2018! 
As the only 100% environmentally responsible run in Quebec, La course Changer le monde is attempting to become a model for sporting events by demonstrating that it is possible to organize a large-scale activity and the same time respect the environment. Say goodbye to unnecessary plastic bottles, trash and promotional items! To find out about all the environmentally responsible measures we take for our runs, click here.
Saturday, May 26, 2018
Mount Royal Park 
Walks : 1k and 5k
Races : 1k, 5k and 10k
Price : 50 $

GOAL: $85,000
Over 1,000 participants!

Saturday, June 16, 2018 
St-Charles River Linear Park 
Walks : 1k and 5k 
Races : 1k, 5k and 10k 
Price : 50 $

GOAL: $30,000 
Over 350 participants! 

These events are once again shaping up to be fabulous meets, bringing together participants of all ages to support Équiterre’s projects. 

There are various ways to participate: 
• Alone 
• As a team

Équiterre wants to throw out a CHALLENGE to Quebec businesses!

1. The easy way

You just have to put a team together! 

2. Take the challenge!

Set up a team and set yourself an objective to raise funds for Équiterre's cause
(*visibility given to your company) 

3. Bring your organization into the race!

Raise a team, raise $ 500 individually for the cause and ask your employer to match your donations! (*visibility given to your company) 

* For more information or to receive a corporate kit, contact Lyne Royer, the official in charge of the runs. 

HELP US raise funds that we can use to put forward concrete solutions for speeding up the transition to a society where individuals, organizations and governments can make environmentally friendly choices that are also healthy and fair. 

Want to know more? Refer to the runner’s guide, go to the Équiterre website, or write to us.


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